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Rave on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: 


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So I know that you'll probably think that this is all that I do is watch Youtube, but your wrong.  I watch Youtube only if someone sends an email, or I'm looking for something imparticular.
Watch this video.  Patrick is for sure a very good example.  Wow!  Can you believe his talent and happiness.  It shows me that really anything is possible.  We can for sure finish this school year out good.  Doing all of this homework just about kills me, but for sure it'll end soon.  I can't wait for this week to be over.  But It's ok, I can't wait.  And I'm going to try to make it the best yet.  Heck people like this can do these impossible things, I'm pretty sure that I can at least try to make each week a better one.

How do you feel about graduating?

           How do you feel about graduating?  Are you happy, sad, excited, scared or all of the above?  I have to admit, I am not scared at all, maybe a little sad but I am mainly excited!  I can't wait to enter the real world.  It'll be hard I'm sure, but it will be pretty great too.  I'm pretty dang excited!

I just wanted to see what each of your guys's decisions are:  What was your hardest class in High School?  What was the best class in High School?  And what was your hardest thing in High School?  What was your best thing in High Shcool?

Honestly my hardest class was probably Chemistry with Woodword.  My best class was probably this one for learning anyway.  And Football was both my hardest thing and my best thing in High School.

So this video makes me pretty happy


This video and song makes me pretty greatfull for my family and friends and all of those in my life that have made a difference.  I just thought that you all would enjoy it too, for sure we do watch those around us and try to be like them.

          This lady makes me want to never ever complane again.  And makes me want to always go the extra mile.  Wow my life is Great!  I am so thankfull for it and hope that I can be like this woman and face whatever gets in my way with a smile.